How to set custom notification per contact on Whatsapp

Whatsapp is turning out to be a best messenger platform for android, Windows, iOs and other JAVA phones users. Its one of the must have apps in todays time, and almost all your friends and contacts
Whatsapp Custom Notification
got it. The group message feature is one of the most used feature on Whatsapp.

In every new version release, Whatsapp comes up with new and important features or enhancements (Whatsapp calling, Whatsapp Money Transfer.. etc). In one of the latest version release Whatsapp now allows to customize notifications per contacts. So like in the earlier days you could set / customize various ringtones for different contacts, a similar feature is now available on Whatsapp too.

So how is this customizing feature helpful? Well using this feature you can now set different notification tones, vibrations, ringtones and many more settings per contact.

To use this feature, follow these easy steps.
1. Open any Whatsapp contact or group, tap on the dotted button and select “view contact” option. For a group, its is Group info.
2. When you scroll down you will see a “Notification Box” under which you could an option for “custom notification”.
3. Tab on this feature to enable it and now you can set your notification preference of ringtone, popup notifications etc.. That's it..

Its so simple and very usefull . Give it a try and share your feedback via comments.

How to check who read your whatsapp message in a group

Whatsapp is a great messaging tool, its subscriber base and usage has only increased over the recent years. Whatsapp is currently available on android, Windows, iOs and other JAVA phones.
It also releases newer versions with newer features (like Whatsapp calling), the recent being a feature that lets you know if the recipient has received and read your message.

Lets understand the current feature. Once a message is send to any of your Whatsapp contact there are three level of information you get.
If the message is send successfully, if the message is delivered on the recipients mobile and if the message is read by the recipient.

One Grey Tick.. means the message is successfully send.
Two Grey Tick.. means the message is successfully delivered.
Two Blue Tick.. means the message is successfully read by the recipient.

However these feature or indicators are not readily available in group messages. If you are a part of a group of 50 contacts and you want to know who all have read the message you shared there is no ready indicator. Unless you are aware of the below feature.

Let’s follow these steps to check who read your Whatsapp group message.
1. Send a message to your group as usual
2. Long press the send message
3. You will see a info icon, now tap on it.
4. Here you will get a list of contacts who has read your message.
5. Just tap on any of the contacts to get more details

So this is a convenient way to check who from your group has read your Whatsapp message. Try this method and share some feedback.

Now get Whatsapp for free after your first year

Over the years Whatsapp has become the best and most used messenger platform amongst smartphone users. This messenger app is already available on android, Windows, iOs and other JAVA phones. However only few are aware that Whatsapp by default is for one year free trial period. What that means is Whatsapp is no more free post one year of usage.

Whatsapp free after one yearSo is there a way to get Whatsapp for free for life ? Well, there are two methods you could follow to get free Whatsapp for life.

Method 1. This is the easiest method; however you would have to lose your existing data. All you have to do is formally delete your account and reactivate your account again. By reactivating your account you can use Whatsapp for free for the next one year.
Follow these steps.
1. Go to the Settings >> Account >> Delete my account option.
2. Type in your mobile number and tap “Delete my account”.
3. Restart your mobile and register on Whatsapp again with the same number, that’s it.

Hey, but remember, you would lose all your message history, backups, groups list etc..

Method 2. For this method you need another mobile number which is not yet activated on Whatsapp. Here you don’t have to lose your data, but transfer your Whatsapp account to the new number and then re transfer the data to the original number.
Follow these steps.
1. Go to the Settings >> Account >> Change number option.
2. Click next and put the old and the new mobile number and in the respective fields.
3. Now click on “Done”.
4. Now your Whatsapp license is extended for 1 year.
5. Follow steps 1 to 3 again to change from your new number to the old number, That’s it.

Try any of these methods to get Whatsapp free license extender to an additional year.. do share us your feedback.

Google has figured out its future

Access to internet is increasing by leaps and bounds, more people are now connected to internet then ever before. One company that's leading the internet penetration is Google. If you have a question,
Google has the answer. In fact Google is now synonymous to 'searching on the internet'.

But Google is no more a search engine only. Google has figured out what it would be do in future. Here are top five Google plans for the future.

1. Robotics : Google has acquired at least 8 robotics companies, including Boston Dynamics which is known to build Pentagon funded advanced robots. Check out this Youtube spot from Boston Dynamics

2. Space Exploration : Google has leased a NASA airfield for 60 years for a cost of $1.16 billion , with a promise to upgrade its facilities and help educate people about the importance of space exploration. Infact Google is offering a cash reward of $20 million to whoever accomplishes three things.. read more.

3. Self Driving Cars : Google has reached a new milestone in its self-driving car project. One of the prototype gaining more popularity. It is the one which is a two seater and has no steering wheel inside. It actually does not have any brakes or accelerator pedals. Google cars are now on Texas roads.

4. 3D Mapping : With Project Tango, mapping the world in real-time won’t be a problem. Imagine entering a building and as you walk inside it, your smartphone maps everything. The ceiling, floor, walls, and objects on your path.

5. Google Contact Lens : Yes, that's right, Google is also in to developing eye lenses. Google’s smart contact lens helps monitor sugar levels on diabetics. A thin microchips and an antenna smaller than the human hair is embedded in soft contact lens material which helps round the clock monitoring.

There are few more venture that Google is in to, i would share them too very soon. Do subscribe for free updates