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How to set custom notification per contact on Whatsapp

Whatsapp is turning out to be a best messenger platform for android, Windows, iOs and other JAVA phones users. Its one of the must have apps in todays time, and almost all your friends and contacts
Whatsapp Custom Notification
got it. The group message feature is one of the most used feature on Whatsapp.

In every new version release, Whatsapp comes up with new and important features or enhancements (Whatsapp calling, Whatsapp Money Transfer.. etc). In one of the latest version release Whatsapp now allows to customize notifications per contacts. So like in the earlier days you could set / customize various ringtones for different contacts, a similar feature is now available on Whatsapp too.

So how is this customizing feature helpful? Well using this feature you can now set different notification tones, vibrations, ringtones and many more settings per contact.

To use this feature, follow these easy steps.
1. Open any Whatsapp contact or group, tap on the dotted button and select “view contact” option. For a group, its is Group info.
2. When you scroll down you will see a “Notification Box” under which you could an option for “custom notification”.
3. Tab on this feature to enable it and now you can set your notification preference of ringtone, popup notifications etc.. That's it..

Its so simple and very usefull . Give it a try and share your feedback via comments.

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