Create your selfie stickers with this new app

A new app is making news lately, its already crossed 10K downlo
aded from Google play. Its called the Bobble app.

It is a mobile application for youth to communicate in more personalised and creative way using stickers and comic strips. Users can play with images and text. The app is integrated with all communicating platform to let users share personalised content with their social connects.

Get over boring texts and monotonous stickers like everyone else - Surprise everyone with your & even their funky avatars; Chat in your local lingo with ultra cool desi stickers via this Bobble app. Mix your awesome selfie with Our mind freaking images and Your wacky creativity, quirky graphics.

Super lively conversations on Whatsapp, Messenger, Hike, Line and facebook. Enjoy this free app and share your comments.

You can download this for Android from Here

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Can WiFi be available on flights ? #WiFiOnboard

Nowadays everyone wanted to be connected to the internet. Be it at home, office or even during commute. WiFi is available at bus stations, railway stations and also on trains. Free WiFi are also very common at many airport, but what about WiFi on planes ? Can WiFi be available on flights?. Well, the answer is Yes, but not all flights.

Though frequent fliers have made their pleas to the airlines to offer on-board internet but its seldom available.

Here is a list of Airlines that offer inflight WiFi and/or GSM internet access

Aer Lingus
Air Berlin
Air Canada
Air China
Air France
Alaska Airlines
All Nippon Airways
American Airlines
British Airways
Cebu Pacific Air
Delta Air Lines
Egypt Air
Frontier Airlines
Garuda Indonesia
Gulf Air
HongKong Airlines
Libyan Airlines
Malindo Air
Mango Airlines
Nok Air
Oman Air
Philippine Airlines (PAL)
Qatar Airways
Singapore Airlines
Southwest Airlines
TAP Portugal
THAI Airways
Turkish Airlines
US Airways
Vietnam Airlines
Virgin America

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The Latest on Drones - 2015

If you thought that Drones are just unmanned aerial Aircrafts, you are wrong. The latest technologies
has made drones much much more. The commercial drones space is projected to become a multi-billion dollar industry over the next ten years. Here is what we have latest in the drone industry as of mid 2015. The best drones in the market.

DJI - Phantom 3 Professional : Phantoms are relatively cheap, they’re simple to operate, and the cameras that come attached to their bellies produce great images and videos. The Phantom 3 takes the look and feel of big-budget professional image capture and puts it in the palm of your hand.

DJI – Inspire 1 : Redefining what it means to take to the sky and fly, the DJI Inspire 1 is the most advanced ready-to-fly system for everyone.

Packed with the latest technology in photography, videography, and flight, this all-in-one platform empowers you to create stunning footage for any use.

Parrot - AR.Drone 2.0 : The GPS Edition brings you the ultimate experience. Geolocate your Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 with the GPS included, keep track of its position and store your videos in its built-in flash memory.

GPS Flight Recorder enables you to improve stability in flight and therefore the quality of your videos. You can also pilot directly via the map and last but not least, you enjoy a return home functionality!

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Benefit from your credit card offers - #creditcards

If your credit card company is offering you low rate balance transfer, you can now take something that will benefit you. A credit card balance transfer can be a great way to save some money. There are also some other benefits that come with consolidating your debts into just one payment.

For this you need some AskWiki QuickInfo.

What is a balance transfer on a credit card ?
A balance transfer is when you pay off the balances on existing cards or loans by transferring them to another credit card account.

What’s the balance transfer process ?
When you respond to a balance transfer offer, you’ll indicate who you want to pay, the account numbers, and how much

What is a zero percent balance transfer offer ? 
Credit cards with an introductory 0% balance transfer for a limited time offer new card members a way to help relieve debt. By taking advantage of these introductory rates, you can have your existing balance on other credit cards paid off by transferring it to a new card and will not accrue interest on that transferred balance for the duration of the introductory 0% annual percentage rate offer.

How to get cash from credit card ? 
Getting cash from credit card is easy, you can follow the below steps.
1. Check your latest credit card statement to see how much cash you can withdraw and the terms you will need to agree to when taking out a cash advance.
2. Check your financial records for your personal identification number (otherwise known as your PIN) that was issued with your credit card Insert your credit card into any ATM that displays the logo of your credit card.
3.Enter your PIN number when prompted, then select the amount of money you want to withdraw.

Latest Credit card theft statistics ?
Fraudsters are getting wiser and have more tools at their disposal to steal personal identities. Here are some facts 66% of consumers who have had fraudulent charges were the first to notice them – not their financial institution. Crooks are misusing the information for a shorter period of time, making them harder to catch.
Here are some credit card theft statistics - Click Here

BTW: Does Obama use credit cards ? Know it for yourself :-) 

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