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Its a win-win when Customers and Merchants use BHIM

India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched BHIM – Bharat Interface for Money – with a aim to provided India a tool that can be a one-stop solution for all digital payments.

Now lets understand, whats in it for a Customers and for a Merchants, if they use the BHIM app.. The
government of India, recently launched two schemes to promote usage of BHIM

1. BHIM Referral Bonus Scheme,
2. BHIM Merchant Cashback Scheme

Lets understand them little better, one by one

1. BHIM Referral Bonus Scheme (For Individuals) : The Referral Bonus scheme will incentivize existing BHIM users for bringing new users on the BHIM platform and encouraging the new users to do transactions with others using BHIM or by referring new users on BHIM. Hence, the bonus will be paid to both the referrer and the new user of BHIM (referee). The referral will be considered successful only after 3 unique successful financial transactions have been completed by the new user. 

On completion of minimum 3 unique successful transactions totalling only Rs. 50 to any 3 unique users (either to customers or to merchants), the referrer and the referee will be notified about the bonus amount via notification in BHIM app. The referrer will get Rs 10 per successful referral, while the new users will get Rs 25 for downloading and transacting from BHIM App

Play this video for easy understanding..


2. BHIM Cashback scheme for Merchants :  The scheme incentivizes not just one-time adoption of BHIM by merchants, but will also encourage transactions via BHIM mode (either QR code or VPA or Mobile number or “Pay to Aadhaar”). The cashback to the merchant can be up to Rs.300 per month, with each merchant eligible to win up to Rs. 1800 in 6 months.

If you have not yet tried the BHIM app, pls refer the image instructions.

If this is still not clear, you could also refer Register BHIM App

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India's DigiLocker and UIDAI (Aadhaar) are now integrated

DigiLocker, is the national Digital Locker System launched by Govt. of India  in February 2016. From the time of its launch, the usage of the system is gradually picking up pace, with more awareness and benefit cases being realized by citizens.

DigiLocker is a key initiative under Digital India, the Government of India's flagship program aimed at transforming India into a digitally empowered society.

In an recent upgrade, DigiLocker is now integrated with UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India), making this the biggest integration of two systems. This integration between DigiLocker and UIDAI means that over 1.09 billion people in India, the number so far covered under the Aadhaar initiative,  can now access their digital Aadhaar in real-time through the DigiLocker desktop and
mobile applications.

Through the DigiLocker integration, one can get the digital copy of their Aadhaar directly in their DigiLocker account, without taking the risk of storing it (on one's computer or cloud account) and losing it.

Also the system is gradually ramping up to pull relevent documents from various government agencies automatically in the system on your request. So once you have logged in thoughthe system you can pull Driving Licenses and Vehicle Registration Certificates (issued by the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways).LPG records (issued by the Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas), CBSE mark sheets and certificates, etc.. Since all these are connected via the Aadhaar no. or using your registered mobile no.

Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh have the highest user bases, with almost 1.8 million registered users each.  With 4.2 million users in the country, this linkage with UIDAI will lead to more signups for DigiLockers.

If you have not yet tried DigiLocke, try it now, using this link : 

Arabic developer to compete for creating intelligent applications

Tech News bites :
Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center which is soon to host a Conference and Exhibition from the world of technology and electronic games. Whats new this time is an event named "Alhakathon X"
whaich was started from young developers and programmers in Arab.

There would also be a contest to develop an application within 36 hours and will have the opportunity to the winners to get exclusive invitation to" Haxalerator "

The exhibition focuses on artificial intelligence and includes educational content developer through electronic games containing scientific and cultural information as well as for tolerance and coexistence between communities Games and included programs and content related to the Arabic language.

Innovation in tech, has been a focus in UAE. Late 2015 and in 2016 the Innovation 4 Impact contest made International headlines. Where THE WINNER of the competition will receive a cash prize of US$ 20,000 and a combination of incubation services worth over $10,000.

Whats common to OPPO, OnePlus and VIVO smartphones?

If you are in India, you would have seen plenty of advertisements related to VIVO smartphone or OPPO phones, infact these brands have signed up with top celebrities and events to promote their

The India smartphone market is quite dynamic and It takes a lot of things to become a market leader, to consolidate the position and be the most trusted brand.

So, what common for OPPO, VIVO and OnePLus ? Well they all belong to one Chinese company. Yes that's right.

All these brands belong to BBK Electronics Corporation, which is a Chinese company specialised on electronics such as television sets, MP3 players, digital cameras and cell phones founded by Duan Yongping.

BBK Electronics Corporation is a Guangdong based consumer electronics manufacturer with their headquarters and production base in Chang’an, China. BBK Electronics Corporation came into existence in the year of 1995 and month of September. According the listing of government website it has manufacturing factories spread in 10 Hectares of land and employees more than 17,000 people. It has different branches that cater to myriad of businesses that are operational all over the world.

Here are some recent video ads from the popular brands..



OnePlus :

What more could be expected by Jio in 2017

Here are the top four things one could expected from Reliance Jio in 2017.

1. Jio's FTTH broadband services :  The company in the past had mentioned that it is working on
the roll out of its Fibre to the Home (FTTH) business offering. With beta trials initiated in a few selected locations across India. It also said the scope of beta trials would be expanded over the next few months and Mumbai will be the first city to get the preview of fiber services. It is also expected that it will come with a monthly cap of 100GB of 100Mbps speed data.

Update May'17 : JioFiber launching soon: Preview offer, availability, price, speed and everything you must know.. Source Link

2. Jio 4G VoLTE feature phones : After launching the various smartphone in the country, it is also expected that the Jio will launch its 4G VoLTE feature phones and it may cost between Rs. 1,000 and Rs. 2,000. The feature phones are expected to have buttons like MyJio, JioMusic JioTV, and JioCinema. These 4G phones could be brought in partenership with Google.

3. Jio DTH service : It was also reported in the media, that the company is planning to launch its Direct to Home services, Jio will be giving 300+ channels which could have 50+ HD channels and all this may cost around Rs 150 to Rs 250 using a Hybrid DTH set-top box. However, there is no official announcement by the company about this launch, but speculation is that this will happen by Q3 2017.

The hybrid Reliance Jio DTH set-top box will allow users to get cable channels as well as streaming services on their TV, similar to the Airtel Internet TV set-top box launched recently. The DTH service will be integrated with Jio's cloud storage platform, and the content will be saved online to stream; in fact, users will have the option to watch week-old TV content on the service.

4. Home automation and other smart products : Reliance already has its brand of Reconnect accessories, and you can expect a lot more products to become available under that range this year. What’s more, the group is also said to be working on a range of home automation products that will of course work with the Jio network to let you be in control no matter where you are.

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