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Hi Friends,

My name is Rishil Babu, the author of Askwiki Blog. I am a part-time blogger and had been blogging from 2006. Askwiki is one of my oldest and most successful ventures so far. Its a technology blog that i have been designing and authoring from my initial days of blogging.

I believe "Knowledge Grows When Shared" So in all my blogs i intend to share information, tips, references that would help my readers.

I am passionate about Technology and Internet and so I like to explore more on these subjects. Online tools, web application, new website services, useful softwares are available at plenty on the internet and i like to try, test and experiment on them.

On Askwiki i share my views on these and also some tips and tricks that could be useful to Askwiki readers.

Why Askwiki ? Whats the USP ?
Well, I try to ensure that the information provided on Askwiki is crisp, short and precise. Not very lengthy or theoretical.

Over a period of time i have been following various technology bloggers and websites and now have good active community where we share information and tips. This is what then i bring to Askwiki readers..

Independence or Freedom is a essential part of a blog, as we are not sponsored or affiliated to any organisation or enterprise, the contend on this blog is highly un-biased and factual.

and i intend to keep it that way...

Thats it from me, hope you are enjoying my articles at Askwiki. Do send in me your feedback and opinions on my articles or blog via contact author page or through my social networks.

Signing off, Regards,
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