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Google has figured out its future

Access to internet is increasing by leaps and bounds, more people are now connected to internet then ever before. One company that's leading the internet penetration is Google. If you have a question,
Google has the answer. In fact Google is now synonymous to 'searching on the internet'.

But Google is no more a search engine only. Google has figured out what it would be do in future. Here are top five Google plans for the future.

1. Robotics : Google has acquired at least 8 robotics companies, including Boston Dynamics which is known to build Pentagon funded advanced robots. Check out this Youtube spot from Boston Dynamics

2. Space Exploration : Google has leased a NASA airfield for 60 years for a cost of $1.16 billion , with a promise to upgrade its facilities and help educate people about the importance of space exploration. Infact Google is offering a cash reward of $20 million to whoever accomplishes three things.. read more.

3. Self Driving Cars : Google has reached a new milestone in its self-driving car project. One of the prototype gaining more popularity. It is the one which is a two seater and has no steering wheel inside. It actually does not have any brakes or accelerator pedals. Google cars are now on Texas roads.

4. 3D Mapping : With Project Tango, mapping the world in real-time won’t be a problem. Imagine entering a building and as you walk inside it, your smartphone maps everything. The ceiling, floor, walls, and objects on your path.

5. Google Contact Lens : Yes, that's right, Google is also in to developing eye lenses. Google’s smart contact lens helps monitor sugar levels on diabetics. A thin microchips and an antenna smaller than the human hair is embedded in soft contact lens material which helps round the clock monitoring.

There are few more venture that Google is in to, i would share them too very soon. Do subscribe for free updates

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