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Google Cars now on roads in Texas - @Googlecars

Google has reached a new milestone in its self-driving car project. The prototype showcased last time
has already gained popularity, but now Google has selected Texas as the latest testing site for its self-driving car project.

The plans is to have the driver less car to operate a few square miles north and north-east of down town Austin. The testing fleet in California includes Lexus SUVs and also prototype vehicles. It’s also releasing a monthly report on the progress of the project and, crucially, any accidents that happen.

The project was in negative news in June when Google’s self-driving cars were involved in two accidents on the roads of Mountain View, California, but humans driving the other vehicles were at fault in both cases. No injuries were reported in either incident, Google said in its monthly report that lists accidents involving its fleet of autonomous cars. Both collisions involved test cars from Google’s fleet of Lexus sport utility vehicles, which are equipped with autonomous driving technology.

All self-driving vehicles in California and Texas have safety drivers on board. Google has “self-driven” more than 1 million miles, according to the company’s website.

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