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How to check who read your whatsapp message in a group

Whatsapp is a great messaging tool, its subscriber base and usage has only increased over the recent years. Whatsapp is currently available on android, Windows, iOs and other JAVA phones.
It also releases newer versions with newer features (like Whatsapp calling), the recent being a feature that lets you know if the recipient has received and read your message.

Lets understand the current feature. Once a message is send to any of your Whatsapp contact there are three level of information you get.
If the message is send successfully, if the message is delivered on the recipients mobile and if the message is read by the recipient.

One Grey Tick.. means the message is successfully send.
Two Grey Tick.. means the message is successfully delivered.
Two Blue Tick.. means the message is successfully read by the recipient.

However these feature or indicators are not readily available in group messages. If you are a part of a group of 50 contacts and you want to know who all have read the message you shared there is no ready indicator. Unless you are aware of the below feature.

Let’s follow these steps to check who read your Whatsapp group message.
1. Send a message to your group as usual
2. Long press the send message
3. You will see a info icon, now tap on it.
4. Here you will get a list of contacts who has read your message.
5. Just tap on any of the contacts to get more details

So this is a convenient way to check who from your group has read your Whatsapp message. Try this method and share some feedback.

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