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Now get Whatsapp for free after your first year

Over the years Whatsapp has become the best and most used messenger platform amongst smartphone users. This messenger app is already available on android, Windows, iOs and other JAVA phones. However only few are aware that Whatsapp by default is for one year free trial period. What that means is Whatsapp is no more free post one year of usage.

Whatsapp free after one yearSo is there a way to get Whatsapp for free for life ? Well, there are two methods you could follow to get free Whatsapp for life.

Method 1. This is the easiest method; however you would have to lose your existing data. All you have to do is formally delete your account and reactivate your account again. By reactivating your account you can use Whatsapp for free for the next one year.
Follow these steps.
1. Go to the Settings >> Account >> Delete my account option.
2. Type in your mobile number and tap “Delete my account”.
3. Restart your mobile and register on Whatsapp again with the same number, that’s it.

Hey, but remember, you would lose all your message history, backups, groups list etc..

Method 2. For this method you need another mobile number which is not yet activated on Whatsapp. Here you don’t have to lose your data, but transfer your Whatsapp account to the new number and then re transfer the data to the original number.
Follow these steps.
1. Go to the Settings >> Account >> Change number option.
2. Click next and put the old and the new mobile number and in the respective fields.
3. Now click on “Done”.
4. Now your Whatsapp license is extended for 1 year.
5. Follow steps 1 to 3 again to change from your new number to the old number, That’s it.

Try any of these methods to get Whatsapp free license extender to an additional year.. do share us your feedback.

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