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If you hack Google, Google will hack you back

This seems to be the message Google gave back to the Chinese hackers in the recent cyber attack. Recently when Google was attacked by a group of Chinese hackers it began a secret counteroffensive of breaking into the computers of the hackers and gathering evidence of the origin of these attacks and other relevant information.

Google's delta force found evidence that the hackers had attacked 33 other companies, like Adobe, Symantec., and that the onslaught actually came from Mainland China and not Taiwan. As per Google the evidence also suggest that a primary goal of the attackers was accessing the Gmail accounts of Chinese human rights activists, however the hackers were not successful.

The sophistication of the these attacks strongly suggests support from Chinese government agencies. With this incident Google announced that it will no longer censor search results on and they will maintain this stance, even if it ends in shutting down

Source: Official Google Blog and NYT

China's attack on Google explained

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