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Why did China Ban Youtube ?

In most of China, YouTube has suddenly become inaccessible from 23rd March. Google has confirmed that YouTube once again is down in China, apparently a victim of Chinese censorship. China has a history of blocking websites which carry messages it views as politically unacceptable.

Some speculate that Chinese officials could be upset about footage of Chinese soldiers beating Tibetans appearing on the YouTube site.

Another possible reason for the blockade is the US Navy's recent release of videos depicting five Chinese ships apparently trying to snag a Sonar array cable trailing behind the USNS Impeccable, which appeared on YouTube.

China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) indicate that approximately 253 million people across China have access to the Internet re-enfourcing its internet supremacy.

The Chinese government in January began a crackdown of what the government calls “vulgar” websites. Under the crackdown, 91 sites were blocked in just three days. China warned Google and Chinese search engine Baidu that they needed to do more to censor “inappropriate content.”

Whats your take on this censorship statergy of China? do post in your views and thoughts below.

Tips: Here are some easy hacks to access YouTube from China.

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