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How to control your Android smartphone using a web browser

Suppose you have forgotten to take your phone from home but need to get an important data from it or suppose your smartphone is charged out, switched off and now you need some important data from
your SMS you received. Have you ever come across situations like these? Ever wondered if there is a simple way of accessing your smartphone features or data via a computer or a web browser? Well, there is a simple option available now.

Let me introduce you to ‘MightyText’ which is a free Android Application available for Android. All you need to do is install this app on your Android device and register/sign using your Google account. The second thing you would need is s chrome browser installed on your computer PC. 

With ‘MightyText’ you can send SMS and MMS messages from your Smartphone using your PC. In addition the application also allows you to get alerts when battery level is low, makes alerts or notifications from apps like Whatsapp, instagram visible on you PC, what more you can make and receive calls on your computer via your smartphone.  

Follow these simple steps, to control you Android smartphone using a web browser

1. You need to install the ‘MightyText’ app on your Android smartphone, so here is the link to Google Play Store

2. After installation register or sign in using your Google account details.

3. Open a chrome browser on your computer PC and visit

4.  Here to login with the same Google account login. 

5. Wola !! you can now access your smartphone data and features via the browser.

Give it a try, and do share your feedback in the comments below. 

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