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1.3 million Indian Android smartphones could be infected by Chinese Malware

In my recent article I wrote about ' how a smartphone can turnout to be a threat ' this was basis a published survey report by a reputed system security software maker, Norton. The report also goes to state that '50 percent of Indians simply granted access to their contacts and mobile data in exchange for free apps'.
Today, there was another news article on Engadget, stating 'Android malware from Chinese ad firm infects 10 million devices '. It also mentions 1.3 million infected users could be from India... This is terrifying..    The first thought that comes in our mind is, 'Is my smartphone compromised ?' well it could be..

Its difficult though to find out until you smartphone behaves different.. it could get slower, some apps may not be responsive, new apps automatically gets downloaded, etc.., the only thing that could help here is, if you have a strong up to date anti virus application on your smartphone and you periodically do scan and clean your smartphone.

What about precautions to avoid such a dangerous situation ?
Well, you need to be smarter, by not granting any unnecessary access while installing any app, this could come to you at a cost of not having that app itself. But its worth it, do not take a risk.
Apps are nothing but like computer software programs on your computer, ones installed, they can take control of your hardware and data on the hard disk. Not that all Apps are bad or has malware, but surely there are few which are quite attractive and free online.

Alternatively, one could use 'WebApps' which are not actually installed on your mobile but functions over your mobile browser. It does not need any access to your smartphone data or details and still use service of various mobile apps.
a good example could be - BOB WebApp, this is a Best Of Best service aggregator which links you to various service providers, be it online shopping or food ordering, be it mobile recharge, buying grocery or watching online news TV. It has it all and nothing to install. There are quite a few WebApps available online, but only the thing is, there are no online market place like Google Play. Once on the WebApp you can have your browser to have a shortcut icon button created on your smartphone home screen, this way the WebApp is always a click away.
Give it a try, i think this is a good one.. BOB WebApp

2nd Alternative, if you still want an app on your Android smartphone, which gives you services from various brands without downloading their specific app, then i would recommend to check out MyFavorites app, which is now available of Google Play. Its a kind of All in one must have app. This app too does not need or ask for additional access while installing it on your smartphone. Once installed, click to open it and use it.

Both the above alternatives also helps you save space on your smartphone. You don't have to download multiple apps, which save space and this in-turn does not slow down your smartphone. Less apps, Less RAM usage. So be secure, save space and speed up your smartphone by using the two alternatives mentioned above.

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