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How big is Apple really ?

The two Steves - Jobs and Wozniak - may have been Apple's most visible founders, but were it not for their friend Ronald Wayne there might be no iPhone, iPad or iMac today. The three men incorporated Apple Computer on April 1, 1976.

However, Wayne backed out 12 days later, selling for just $500 a holding that today would be worth $72bn.

The first product the company sold was just a computer kit, Apple I, which came with a motherboard, CPU and RAM. In 2009 Apple brought in $42.91 billion in revenue.At the end of May 2010, Apple's market capitalization was measured at $222.12 billion.

This video below could amaze you and you would be pleasantly surprised to more about Apple. The video takes you through the journey of Apple and also about the company as a whole and of course about Mr. Jobs.

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