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Some unknown facts about Samsung company

We continue to share you latest trending news updates from various Tech companies like Google, Apple, Samsung etc., thought of sharing some unknown facts about Samsung here.

Here are some to start with.. and also do check out the video at the bottom to be surprised and amazed with more fact on Samsung.

1. Samsung accounts for 17 percent of Korea's Gross Domestic Product

2. Samsung Electronics has 370,000 employees worldwide. (Apple has 80,000. Microsoft has 97,106. GE has 305,000.)

3. Samsung spent over $4 billion in advertising last year, plus an additional $5 billion in marketing. Its ad budget dwarfs everyone else.

4. Samsung Electronics' profit last quarter was $8.27 billion, much of it from smartphones. For comparison, Google's operating profit last quarter was $3.4 billion
5. Samsung shipped 215.8 million smartphones last year, which is more than the next three smartphone sellers COMBINED

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