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Driverless car for Indian roads, now made in India

While big corporations like Goolge, Apple are spending huge sums of money for research and development of driverless cars, the most innovative prototype comes from an Indian robotics enthusiast early this year.

Mr. Roshy John and his team were successful in building and testing an autonomous car on Indian roads. The team did rigorous testing before the formal announcement as initial testing revealed that Indian cities pose unique challenges for autonomous cars due the actual road conditions. So they further developed the sensors used on the prototype to attain a new level of precision.

Roshy and his team short-listed Tata Nano for this project due to its rear-engined layout, which allowed him to place an array of sensors in the front of the vehicle. So this driverless car can now be termed 100% made in India.

Here is a video of the India's first driverless prototype car by Roshy John.

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