Activate WhatsApp calling in easy steps.

Whats is WhatsApp calling ?  WhatsApp the Popular mobile messaging service has started rolling out its most expected Free voice calling features for Android and iOS users. So just like chatting, one can now voice call via WhatsApp for free.

How does one activate WhatsApp calling ? Well, few simple steps

1. To activated on your phone, Android users must first update their app to the latest version. - Visit and download the WhatsApp calling apk file.

2. The file size is 18.52MB and would require Android 2.1 and higher and to get the calling feature you need to have a Android 4.4 KitKat and above version running your Android handset

3. After downloading click on Install button. Your Whatsapp Calls has been activated successfully

4. Once updated, you need to find a user who already has the feature activated and ask them to call you. This will activate the voice calling feature on your WhatsApp, granting you the access to invite other friends on your contact list to do the same.