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Alternatives to Google Android Market

With Android enabled phones gaining significant market share across the world, Google's android
market remains to be the ultimate source of apps for android devices.

Howvever there are alternatives to Google Market, infact there are quite a few websites from where anyone can download android apps.

The good part is while Google Market has free and paid apps, some of these paid apps are available for free on these alterantive sites.

1. ANDROIDPIT APP CENTER : The the collection of android apps is approx 6000 plus, which is much less than what you find on Google Market, however AndroidPIT selects the best ones to make it available on its site. Also for the paid apps the site has an 24 hour return policy. Visit the site.

2. GETJAR : GetJar is the world’s largest free app store with over 2 billion downloads till date. The site provides apps for not only android phone but also for other operating systems including Blackberry, Java and Symbian. The site currently has more than 150,000 mobile applications. Visit the site

3. POCKETGEAR : Pocketgear is one of the oldest active app distribution platforms in the web. The site has a good collection of free apps. For the paid apps they also accept payments using Paypal and AmazonPayments, something the non-credit card users would like. Visit the site
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