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Virtual Tour of International museums on Google

Its called the GoogleArtProject - a concept started off as one of the company's "20% projects" which allows Google employees to take a fifth of their time away from their regular day job, to work on innovations.

The Google Art Project currently provide a virtual 360 degree tour of 17 international museums around the world. These museums include the famous National Gallery and Tate Britain in London and they have recently added the Met, MoMa and Frick in New York.

The painting can be viewed online by anyone for free and that too in high resolution as the images are captured using the gigapixel photo-capturing technology.

Its a boon for Art Lovers and for people who are unable to visit each museum and can now discover and view more than a thousand renowned artworks online.

Check it out via below link.
GoogleArtProject or Alternative Link

Check out behind the Scenes video of the GoogleArtProject

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