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Indian Government may ban Gmail in India

Indian Government may ban Gmail in India... Unbelievable ? but it might happen if Gmail does not agree to make data going through their networks available to the Indian security agencies in a readable format. The data services being offered by companies like Gmail and Skype are highly encrypted because of which Indian security agencies are finding it difficult to keep a watch over the content being transmitted through them.

The Government has also decided to amend the IT laws would force companies such as Skype to give complete access to their networks or set up a local server in India to allow security agencies to track content.

After China-made telecommunication equipment, after bringing the satellite-based mobile communication services under tighter security norms, it probably time for internet.

Source : Business Daily

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honey said…
. We’ve seen how cell phone spying techniques can let other people tap into your private world undetected spy phone software
Admin said…
OMG, i can't imagine internet without Gmail! Indian govt should allow google and Google also should agree for some conditions of Indian govt.
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