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Your Office Photocopy machine could be a digital time bomb

Have you ever used your office photo copy machine to scan important personal document? like your credit card, income tax papers, social security document, medical records, bank records etc. If the answer is yes then you have a potential threat of these critical data to be stolen.

Did you know most of the digital copier built after 2002 has a build in hard drive and it stores an image of every documents copied, scanned or emailed by the machine on the copier's hard drive. This makes any office copy machine packed with highly-personal or sensitive data and a potential digital time-bomb.

Over a period of time most of the office copier machine are sold out to third party vendors and if somebody is in a identity theft business it seems this machine would be a pot of gold. Retrieving images and data from the copier's hard drive is a very simple process.

Check out this investigative video. This would be surprising and this could be an eye-opener

Advanced technology has opened a dangerous hole in data security, specific precautions can help to minimize risk. The first step could be sharing this awareness.

Also get your office IT dept. to periodically clean the copier's hard drive data.

Source: labnol , cbsnews

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