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The Basics of Blogging - With Video Tutorials

The Internet in today's time has changed the nature of work, allowing people to set up virtual offices and work from anywhere and at anytime. With plenty of online tools readily available, setting up your virtual identity is very simple. Blogs or Web-Logs is one such identity. Blogging has been adopted in a very big way on the internet, as it gives an individual the power of media.

I myself have been blogging part for the past 4 years and it has been really exiting. I get more excited when I get responses, emails and comments from my blog readers.

Today i thought of sharing the basics of blogging, its simplicity and its effectiveness and the easy tools available online.

What exactly is a blog ? how is it so powerful ? Well here's a video explaining a blog in simple english.

Now that you understood what a blog is, you would now like to set up one for your self. Below is a video tutorial explaing simple steps to setup your own blogs within minutes..

Hope both these videos were helpful, This is in response to all the email inquires I have been receiving on blogging and starting a blog// thank you all for your email/comments.

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