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A quick brief update on Apple's iPad

Three years after launching 'iPhone' Apple, the computing giant recently launched a new product. It's known as the 'iPad'.

iPad basically is a tablet computer, magazine sized touch screen that can do various tasks like surfing the web, watching movies, emailing, etc.. its like a bigger version of iPhone with more capabilities.

The Device ?
The device weighs just 1.5 pounds, compared with a few pounds for the typical laptop. At a mere half-inch thick, the iPad is also thinner than most laptops, including Apple's super-thin Macbook Air. With a maximum of 64GB of storage, the iPad can hold as many photos, movies and songs as most laptops.
The Pricing ?
The most basic iPad, with 16GB of flash memory, will be priced at $499. A 32GB version will cost $599 and a 64GB version will cost $699. The WiFi-only versions of the iPad will be available in the United States in March at Apple retail stores, the Apple web site and selected dealers. So other contries have to wait...

This sleek gadget aims to revolutionise the publishing business the same way as Apple iPod transformed the music industry and iPhone transformed the telecom industry.

Here is a brief official video of the iPad from Apple.

Friends, what do you thing of this new product? Share your views on the comments below..

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