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Create your own High Quality Calendar Online

In one of my previous article i had shared a collection of high quality wallpaper, today i am sharing a cool online website using which you can create your own calendar images.

Below is a calendar image that i have created using this free online service.

The creation process is very simple and the output also is good quality.. ( your calendar images can also be used as your desktop wallpaper)

This free service is provided by calendarika ( link provided below this post)

Steps involved to creating your online calendar.

Step 1. Select from the designs/layouts available
Step 2. Upload a background and a foreground image (this could be you or your loved ones)
Step 3. Save the output image on your desktop, this could be used as a wallpaper also.

I tried various combination, like background image was a beautiful waterfall image and foreground was a group photo of my friends, and the output calendar image was so beautiful. Another combination, i kept the background and foreground image both of my best friend, for the month of JAN ( his birthday is in Jan) and wow the output was so good.. I really liked this free service.

Try it out for your self, click the below links to visit Calendarika
Link 1 ( Ad supported)
Link 2

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