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How to download flash files online without any addons

Many a times we come accross interesting flash files like any video files or any high quality flash game file from a game website, and we wish to download it to our system. Well there are softwares and browser addons which would let you download these files ( some whith limitation) but there is an alternate way to download flash online.

If you are using Mozilla Firefox, then folow the below method.
Go to the webpage where the flash files embeded
a. Click Tools - Page Info from the browser menu bar
b. Click the Media Tab on the Page Info Windows
c. The media tab has a complete list (with preview) of Images, CSS Files and Shockwave Flash files that were downloaded by the Firefox browser while loading the page.
d. Scroll down the list and locate the required swf file.
e. Click the "Save As" button to save the file on your system

If you are using Internet Explorer or Chrome, then folow the below method.
a. Click Tools - Internet Options
b. In the General Tab, click the Settings button available in the Temporary Internet Files group.
c. Click View Files to open your Temporary Internet Files folder. Depending upon your IE settings, the Temp. folder can contain tens of thousands of files.
d. Click View - Details. Now click View - Arrange Icons By - Internet Address. Depending upon the webpage, there could one or more Flash files (Shockwave Flash Object) under the Inernet Address.
e. Once you find the right flash file, right-click and choose Copy. Then paste the swf file in any other directory. ensure to keep the page and IE open to avoid purging of the cache file.

Thats it simple trick you could use without using any addons or software

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