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Google Voice is in trouble in US

Google had recently launched its revolutionary Google Voice service. Google Voice allows consumers to use one Google issued number for home, office and cell. The free service also transcribes voice mail and offers unlimited free texting. This service also seems to be a possible threat to the telecoms giants.

However within months of its release the service has landed itself in to trouble with the US regulators. The Federal Communications Commission of the US has set up an investigation on the service to find if Google is violating any telecommunications laws by blocking the connection of some calls to rural areas.

While the FCC has issued an clarification letter to Google, Google maintains that Google Voice is merely a "call management" service — not a phone service — and therefore isn't subject to FCC oversight.

This isn't the first time Google has drawn the attention of FCCs. Couple of months ago too there was a dispute between AT&T, Apple and Google after Apple blocked Google Voice software from its iPhone App Store.

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Dilemma of good service.. Obviously this has to come under axe, as it was taking away business from major telecom Giants
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