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How to create quality charts using Flash

Flash is an excellent technology for dealing with data visualization, now there are tools online that can help you to create flash charts online for free and that too the process is very simple. Here am sharing you some Flash component which can be used for creating animated and interactive
charts for the web or desktop applications.

1. Open Flash Chart : Open Flash Chart is an open source Flash-based graphing and charting solution developed using ActionScript. Open Flash Chart’s features include interactivity of your charts with tooltips, the ability to resize your charts client-side, and being able to save your graphs as images.

2. Black Box Chart : Black Box Chart is a free Flash component for charting data on the web. Black Box Chart offers you an interactive solution for data visualization, clicking on data points of bar graphs outputs the data value. The Black Box Chart editor is a tool that you can use for creating and editing your charts using a graphical user interface (GUI).

3. Fly Charts : Fly Charts is a Flash component for graphing data. Fly Charts has an Online Wizard to help you quickly create your Flash charts, making it extremely accessible even to non-developers. Fly Charts has many outstanding features such as the ability to zoom into any section of a chart, the capability to become scrollable if the chart is too big, client-side interaction with JavaScript, and error-handling for missing data. Here is a sample

Friends if you know any more tools, please do share via comments below..

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