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The White House now gets into social networking

Recently the Obama administration had revamped, and also created several other websites including to track the economic stimulus bill and to monitor spending. It recently had also announced plans to launch a site which would make a broad array of US government data available to the public.

And now the white house is available on social networking sites like MYSpace, Facebook and Twitter. Content from President Barack Obama's website is being fed in real time to White House profile pages on MySpace and Facebook.

The White House has more than 60,000 fans on Facebook and more than 8,000 friends on MySpace within a few hours of the pages going online while more than 14,500 people had signed up as "followers" of the White House Twitter stream.

Obama's "New Media" team has already created a channel on YouTube upon his taking office and the White House is also present on photo-sharing site Flickr, video-sharing site Vimeo and on Apple's iTunes.

Here are the links on Facebook, MySpacce and Twitter. So if your are Obama fan.. join the club.

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