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A real time Twitter search engine tool

Amongst the recent speculation that Google is in talks to acquire Twitter, i thought of sharing you details of a new social search engine called the OneRiot, which recently has added a new Twitter search on its site.

So what's so different about it ?. Well, OneRiot is a company looking to index the web in real time like finding the pulse of the web. Like other search engines they keep a running record of the contents of the Internet. However, unlike other search engines, they prioritize that information based on its current popularity.

This makes OneRiot's search results relevant, fresh, friendly, and pulsing with the real-time energy of the web. And with the newly added twitter search OneRiot is indexing weblinks that are being shared via tweets. It’s an interesting perspective for web search, specific to Twitter and socially driven. For each link shared on Twitter, OneRiot will note the user who initially found it, how many tweets have shared it, and when it was last shared through Twitter.

Such a feature offers yet another way in which to aggregate and comprehend data surrounding and being distributed through Twitter.

What’s it mean for you? There’s yet another way to track the activity of your keywords of interest as they make their way across the web. So try it out..

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