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Now share you likes with your friends... literally

If you like it then share it... a new online startup that allows you to find things you like and share them with your friends. In other words it lets you share personal recommendations about virtually anything with the world.

This recently launched start-up Likaholix is actually developed by two wonderful Google employees, Bindu Reddy and Arvind Sundararajan. Previously, Bindu was a Group Product Manager at Google whereas fellow colleague, Arvind was a Senior Staff Engineer at Google.

The interface of Likaholix is simple and clean. You simply search for what you might like and click the Like button once you’ve found it. You also have the option to add a note telling why you liked something. It automatically crawls the net to find movies, music, books and other things that you may find interesting.

Likaholix is also useful as a place to find recommendations. You can easily tell what your friends like, which provides you with a trusted recommendation and possibly an entire discussion thread detailing why people like something. The next time you’re looking for feedback on a major purchase or you can’t figure out which brand of laptop you should buy, you might appreciate having access to a database full of stuff that people you like…like.

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Anonymous said…
There is another site like this that rules!! Likexo is one of them ;)
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