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Solar powered mobile handset coming soon

Known to be the world's first solar-powered touchscreen handset the 'Blue Earth' from the Samsung's stable is soon to be released in the markets.

The device even takes energy saving a bit further with a built-in "eco-mode" system. It sets low screen backlight brightness and duration with a single click. It also switches the Bluetooth module into a special "low consumption" mode.

There's also a built-in pedometer and some associated software that translates the distance you've walked into equivalent CO2 savings versus making the journey in a vehicle--it even presents the data in the number of trees you've saved.

It's got a giant solar panel on the back that'll apparently charge it enough to make a phone call anytime the sun's peaking out. The body of the phone is made of a material called "PCM," a plastic made from recovered water bottles

Samsung has yet to announce pricing or availability, something to watch out at next week's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. However do share your views on the concept ?? very eco-friendly ?

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