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Finding music online now simplified

Finding audio files online was never so easy untill there came some brilliant audio search engines. Although one can also use google search to find mp3s, mwv or any other audio formats online but these are a little complex methods as i have mentioned in one of my previous posts.

Here are some easy alternatives to the google methods. We have sorted top five music search engines which are the best in the lot. Here's a quick review.

My choice number one is : This is cool and simple search engine tool dedicated to find any MP3 file online. Just key in the artist, album or song you are looking for and hit search. Try it to love it. Simple and sweet.

My second choice is : It search engine has a much simpler Google-like interface for a less annoying browsing experience. It has the most simplest search result page with only the file name, Play and Download button and the permalink. Hit the Play button, a small and cool player will appear for you to stream the file.

Then i have : This is a dedicated MP3 search engine to search for online songs. You can use BeeMP3 to search for artists, songs or albums. In addition to that they also have a listing of World Top 10, US Top 10 and Euro Top 10 music charts on their home page. : This is another dedicated mp3 search engine, but in addition to the other search engines it allows you to create your personal account to store playlists and search results. You can directly add the song to your playlist from the search results and access the playlists from anywhere. In addition to MP3 files you can also use it to search for lyrics and perform advanced searches

And if you still want to opt for the google method of finding music online then i would recommend using the Project Find music tool. This use the google custom search to either search open music directories or search via shared files.

Ok, well here's a small treat for all you hindi music lovers. Below is a link to find and download hindi mp3 songs from an open directory. The collection here is of old hindi songs like Kishore, asha bhosle, hemant kumar, mahendra kapoor, rafi and many more. Its a simple one click download. Here is the Link

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