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Read premium magazines free online

All these while premium magazines were to be subscribed. Even magazines like Reader’s Digest, MIT Technology Review, PC Magazine, MacWorld, Lonely Planet have there online editions but one has to subscribe them as well. Well not any more.. a small tweak on your Mozilla Firefox browser setting does the trick and enables you to read all these magazines for free.

Surprisingly this is a very simple tweak which enable you read these magazines absolutely free. Follow the below few steps and you are in.

Step 1. In Firefox: enter “about:config” in the location bar
Step 2. Enter “useragent” in the filter and change the value for “general.useragent.extra.firefox” to “Mobile Safari 1.1.3″.
Step 3. Open and here you can start reading your favorite magazines.

After reading, set it back to setting to “Firefox/″ to get back to normal mode. By the way you could also read magazines like Playboy and Penthouse. Thanks caul for the tip via Labnol

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