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An addition to the Orkut tricks collection

In the past i have shared quite a number of orkut tricks now to add to the collection here's a new one. Give it a try to test it, i am sure you would like it.

If you have a friend in orkut and you want to know all female/male friends connected to your friends list, this small trick would come handy. Follow simple steps as mentioned below.

Step 1. Open the profile of your friend you wish to know male/female friendslist
Step 2. On “HER FRIENDS” or “HIS FRIENDS“ category, click on the “VIEW ALL” option
Step 3. Now here you can view all the FRIENDS of your friend..the url will be like
(************************ )
Step 4. Now here add “&q=female” AT END and press enter or “&q=male” AT END and press enter.

Wolla, the friendslist only shows female or male friends..

Update: The Orkut team has fixed up the security bug.. the trick is no more valid from Jan 2008

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