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NASA's Phoenix Mars landing live on the web

In August 2003 NASA selected the University of Arizona "Phoenix" mission for launch in 2007. It was the first in a new line of smaller, low-cost, Scout missions in the agency's exploration of Mars program. NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander was launched on 4 August 2007, the mission has two goals. One is to study the geologic history of water, the key to unlocking the story of past climate change. The second is to search for evidence of a habitable zone that may exist in the ice-soil boundary.

It will be a real nail-biter on May 25, 2008, for engineers, as the Phoenix spacecraft performs a series of challenging maneuvers right before it lands on Mars. Whats new this time is NASA is telecasting live coverage of the Phoenix Mars Lander via internet. So now you can watch the Phoenix attempts to make the first powered landing on the red planet since Viking 2 in 1976.

We have also made the video feed available at Askwiki.

Phoenix will be landing in the northern arctic region of the planet where an ice layer is known to exist below the surface soil. You can watch it online here aswell or in Second Life. If you insist on watching on TV, Discovery Science is carrying the landing, and CNN promises to have some, but not complete, coverage at 7pm ET.

You could also go in for live Podcast here

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