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The best YouTube video downloading tool

YouTube recently made its localized Indian version go live as, targeting the Indian audience with Indian video contents. In order to feed its contents it has partnered with several content creators like Zoom Channel, NDTV, Rajshri Group, IUTV, ndiaglitz and Music Today.

However to watch all these quality videos one has to be online and needs to have a good internet connection. Or an alternative could have been to allow users to download videos from YouTube. This much wanted feature as of now is not provided by YouTube. Although there are multiple tools available online to download YouTube videos on some of which i have written in the past, however Askwiki would like to share the most simple and quick tool to download YouTube videos, with a click you can have these videos on you computer.

Paste the YouTube URL of the video below and press "GetVideo" a "Download Link" would appear below, Just click that and download the "get_video" file which is nothing but the video file.

Once downloaded you need VLC player to play this video. VLC player is a must have video player tool which is very light and rich on its functions. It can be downloaded from here
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