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SoftMaker office 2008 for pocket PCs released

SoftMaker Office 2008 for Pocket PCs was recently released its new beta version. This version comes after fixing various bugs from the previous versions and with few improvements like the SoftMaker presentations which now allows you to insert sound files.

This full-featured office suite lets you open, edit, and save any Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint file on your Pocket PC. Directly and without conversion, retaining all the formatting, functions, and contents of your Office files

SoftMaker Office offers four new and improved applications:

* TextMaker 2008 with added enhancements such as the PDF export plugin, OLE server capabilities, a stylesheet manager, print preview, full-screen mode, envelope printing and, and, and…

* PlanMaker 2008, the latest version of our spreadsheet. Now with OLE server capability, PDF export, full-screen mode, new calculation functions, and many other improvements.

* SoftMaker Presentations 2008, SoftMaker’s brand new alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint. Just as capable, but much easier to use!

* BasicMaker 2008, our new VBA-compatible macro language that lets you automate TextMaker and PlanMaker like in Microsoft Office.

The application can be downloaded from here

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