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Communicate with your Facebook friends without accessing internet

In todays times staying in touch with friends is very simple, either via various social networking websites or via any internet messenger. However the prerequisite is, you and your friend both need access to internet to be online and communicate via services provided on internet. Well, not exactly..anymore.. the later part "require access to internet" is gonna be a thing of the past.

A newly released application does the trick. Its called the Peersonalizer. With this application along with a downloadable software called WiPeer, you can detect Facebook friends and their friends in the vicinity if they have also installed the application. Researchers at the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology have come up with this application that makes it possible to chat with friends without accessing internet.

WiPeer and Peersonalizer not only allows friends to chat but also share files and directories and play collaborative games. WiPeer can make direct wireless (WiFi) connection between computers within a range of roughly 300 meters without using any intermediary device like a router. However the limitation is that WiPeer currently works with Windows XP only.

Peersonalizer uses technology that can also be applied to other social networking sites such as Orkut, MySpace, Friendster and LinkedIn.

To use this application, you need to download the WiPeer application,
available for free from here

More info on peersonalizer is available here

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