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Tips to convert RSS to HTML for your website easy and free

Most of us are aware of the benefits of subscribing to RSS feeds of various blogs and website. It keeps us posted on all the latest updates on the blog and by using RSS readers one need not visit original site... making life simpler. RSS readers like netvibes, google reader are some of the best and i use them very often. It took me some time to have a decent collection of blogs and website which post valuable and interesting articles.

As a blogger i always wanted to share these interesting articles to my readers, one option i had was to convert these RSS feed from those sites to HTML and then post it on my blog. This led me to do some research on some of the free tools available on the web.

So i managed to get some simple tools which can do the trick, using which i can convert RSS to HTML. These are my recommendation, try it out and post in your views/comments.

1. Wigitize: The best in the pack. This tool is very simple and very customizable. You copy the RSS feed URL here and then generate a code, which then can be pasted on your blog or website. I tried this with my blog's RSS feed and here is the generated code. By the way you are absolutely free to paste the below code on your blog.

2. Grazr: This site provide a simple widget which displays feed content on a webpage. This would be a good option in case looks and theme matter you the most. You can easily customise the design, dimension of the widget box using option available on the site. Below is the source code for AskWiki's RSS feed, go ahead paste this to your blog.

3. Google Gadget: A highly customizable RSS reader to spice up your blog with color and functionality. With tons of options available for the user. This gadget is capable of showing inline pictures and HTML formatting. Recommended for advanced users only: there are lots of HTML/CSS type options. Here what i got for my blog, go ahead and use this code on your blog.

Do try the above options and let me know your views

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