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Data recovery and tracking options for lost or stolen mobiles

Todays mobile phones are not just an equipment for voice communication its much much more beyond that. Its now a daily companion which knows all your friends contacts, important files, your photo album, movie collections, your mp3 player, FM station and the list continues. Its so much so valuable that one feels paralyzed if this companion is not with you for even a day.

Now what if one fine day your phone ever get lost or stolen? ofcourse its a financial impact,but as well as your valuable data is lost. hmm so rather to be sorry then you could take few precautions that would help you to 1. Recover your valuable data and 2. Help you track your mobile phone, when mobile phones are lost or stolen. Lets talk about the above two aspects.

1. Data recovery from a lost mobile phone: Precaution is better than cure, the saying that holds very valid here. Backing up your data is the best thing to do as soon as you get a new mobile. Since a lot of the new phones have a syncing option already in the phone it would be a good thing to just leave it on and simply let it update your PC with new information.

If necessary you can also back up your SMS. software like Oxygen Phone Manager. These applications allow you to back up all your data, and this doesn’t just include your contact base and schedule but even your current settings, images, videos etc. Basically it takes care of everything that’s on your phone and memory card. Here is the link.

2. Lost mobile tracking system: My first recommendation would be an anti theft mobile location-tracking system developed by Micro Lab. Its called the Micro LMTS (lost mobile tracking system). It will track the location of stolen or lost mobile sets in India. When someone tries to replace or change the SIM card of lost / stolen mobile, a email will automatically send out to the real owner of the mobile handset, and it will tell the exact location etc of the cell phone, thus by using this info the real owner could trap the culprit with the help of local police authorities etc. Here is the link.

Another option is PhoneBAK Mobilephone which again is an innovative lost & found anti-theft software program that sends the thief's contact number, location and other details to pre-defined phone numbers (e.g. spouse, colleague) when mobile phone device is lost or stolen. It sends out 02 customizable SMS Text message alerts (local & overseas) with information of IMEI, IMSI, location and the thief's contact number when the program detects that it is an unauthorized SIM card! This works quitely in the (background) of the mobile phone. One can place a order from here.

mGuard is another software for Sony Ericsson phones which provides protection and safety from theft or losing your device and helps to retrieve it back. Now the users can forget the fear of losing their device by protecting it using mGuard Software. As of now, mGuard is the world’s only Theft Recovery Software for Java phone. Download this from here.

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