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Yahoo to die soon in Microsofts hand ??

Recently Terry S. Semel the former chairman of Yahoo had handed over his role to Roy J. Bostock as a new chairman of the company when on the very first day Roy had to confront a big new development: Microsoft’s $44.6 billion offer to buy the ailing Yahoo.

The intense competition between Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo has arguably been one of the main reason why Microsoft would have placed this bid to Yahoo's shareholders. Also this proposed acquisition of Yahoo signals that Microsoft’s glory days over and it is finding it very tough to compete Google. And its very clear that the only major reason Microsoft is running behind Yahoo is to put up a fight with Google.

This deal if goes ahead has far more ramifications then just competing Google. There is considerable amount of overlaps between the services provided by Microsoft and Yahoo, so going ahead to streamline various services lot of people would be loosing their jobs at Yahoo. This sentiment is also echoed by others bloggers.. infact there is a petition, to protect Yahoo from the dirty hands of Microsoft.

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rambhai said...

the amount of bid itself tells you how big this thing is~~~

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