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Worlds smallest mobile handset to revolutionise mobile world

If you thought its the iPhone that has revolutionised the mobile market, well you might not be completely correct. With most of the mobile majors releasing newer models of mobile phone, there is this one company which is all set to change the rules of the game.

An Israel-based company called Modu Mobile recently announced the world’s tiniest handset called the Modu, which is the worlds smallest mobile handset (recently certified as such by the Guinness Book of World Records).

Modu give its users the freedom to create a new phone as often as they like based on their personal preferences and style. Think of it as a Swiss army knife device that can take on different forms and functions.

Mobile users get to choose from different Modu jackets, or phone enclosures, and Modu mates, which are Modu-enabled consumer electronics devices, to dress up their slimmed down standalone phones.

You can access below listed features from the tiny Modu device such as:
A large screen or keyboard
MP4 player
Ability to send/receive SMS
Minimum 1GB of storage
Can act as mass storage USB Flash Drive

The possibilities are endless for branding, as new modu jackets take almost no time to develop and each jacket can even have its own theme that's loaded, translator content, when you pop the modu in. Check out the below video for a live demo of Modu in action. Modu was displayed in the Mobile World Congress conference in Barcelona.

More info on Modu available here. Also do post in your views/comments below.


Monty Alexander said...

Hi Rishil, this mobile phone is looking cool. Surely this mobile handsets - MODU will bring a new revolution in mobile technology and its amazing features will attract people to buy it. I would like to sell it in my online shopping store, if it comes in India

mobile phones said...

I love the idea of modular devices. I think if they were marketed correctly, they would definitely catch on. I think this is the future of consumer electronics.

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