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The king of internet messenger is here

Have you ever thought how many email account, IM account you have ? probably you have one on yahoo, another one on Google, on MSM, and AOL as well. What about social networking sites ? the Facebook or MySpace. Of course i do.. Keeping all these social network profile alive and updated can certainly be difficult and time-consuming proposition. Well heres' what i have started using and recommend it to you aswell.

Its called Digsby, which is a multiprotocol IM client that lets you chat with all your friends on AIM, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, Google Talk, and Jabber. It also includes an quick e-mail notifier, and a pop up screen for keeping track of Facebook and MySpace updates. You can even add a Digsby chat window to your Facebook page so that anyone viewing your profile can send you instant messages which you can reply to using Digsby.

The good thing about Digsby is that it gathers all the information you need under a single interface, so that you can get a preview of who’s online, how many messages you have and what’s up on your favorite social sites. Digsby is currently in private beta and available only by invite. (invite codes: Which i have in 1000s, email me or comment me below and i could send you the invite code).

Digsby supports Windows XP and Vista at the moment. Mac and Linux clients are under development. So now you don't have to login to multiple services any more with this new all-in-one utility.

How to get Digsby ? Heres' how...

Firstly go to and download the the application. During installation you'll be prompted to create a new account and also enter an invitation code. Below are some i invite i intend to share for free. (If any of them doesn't work, email me for a new one).

Free Digsby invite codes:"CNET" or "techmalaya" or "techzilo" or "softonic" or "dlsquad".
Complete the registration procedure and then you are ready to use Digsby. After installation you can add all of your Instant Messenger accounts and chat with all of your friends from one account.

Friends if you liked this service, do spread the word and do post your views/comments below

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