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Free calling minutes to China

The people of China got their first taste of mobile VoIP and free international calling starting Friday 21 December 2007, thanks to global communications company, Rebtel. Now to celebrate the Chinese new year Rebtel, which also is a leading Mobile VOIP provider is offering 1 million free minutes to China from anywhere in the world and calls from Shanghai to the USA and Canada during 7-21 Feb.

Each person can make up to five hours of free calls to China. The offer will run during the Chinese New Year festivities between the 7th and 21st of February. So if you have friends in China, grap this opportunity to say "Gong xi fa cai" - Happy Chinese New Year!

In general Rebtel Direct calls to China cost less than 2¢ per minute from any of the other 39 countries that Rebtel serves. By comparison, AT&T charges $3.50 per minute to call a mobile phone in China from a mobile phone in the U.S. That same call from the U.K. using Vodafone costs $3.33 per minute. From Canada, the cost per minute for calls to China on TELUS Mobility can be as low as 8¢ per minute - but only with an $8.00 or $12.00 per month special service plan.

Rebtel is a global communications company that makes it possible to call any phone, anywhere in the world, for just pennies per minute. Its services can be used with any mobile phone without modification or software downloads.

If you already have a rebtel account, you don’t have to anything fancy just sit and wait for 7th Feb. You will get the free minutes automatically on 7th Feb onwards till 21st Feb. Those who do not have a rebtel account, there is another good reason to Signup

By the way... Gong xi fa cai (Happy Chinese New Year) to all AskWiki Chinese Readers

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this write-up on free calls for the Chinese New Year from Rebtel.

I read this morning that Talkster ( announced they've opened up their FREE calling service in China as well, so all calls to and from China can be free (not just part of a short promotion).

The catch is that Talkster uses ads to pay for the calls, so you listen to one 10-second audio ad and then can talk as long as you want to, all for the cost of a local call, which is a pretty darn good deal if you think about it.

Free for a short time is good (ala Rebtel) but free all the time is awesome (thanks Talkster)!