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VoIP Calling Desktop Application from Raketu

Raketu Communications Inc. is a new york based leading edge peer to peer internet protocol applications provider for various communications and media services. Raketu (pronounce ra-ke-tu) currently has users in over 150 countries around the world. It recently announced "Raketu Lite" which is a light version of the VoIP calling desktop application.

The new application’s “Slim” interface is Raketu’s Lite version of Raketu’s full-featured LaunchPad Desktop application, which also integrates IPTV streamed video and video on demand (VOD) entertainment content. Raketu Lite can be downloaded directly from

Raketu Lite is available for Windows XP and Vista users, and offers free and/or extremely low cost VoIP calling from a desktop PC. Raketu Lite supports users with free anytime PC-to-PC calling globally, and for Raketu prepaid customers. Mac users and users of other Operating Systems can make calls using Raketu’s website i.e using RakWeb. RakWeb is very user-friendly.

As long as you can access webpages you can use RakWeb. No download required.

more information of the application available here..

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