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Use a simple script to break the orkut album lock

UPDATE: As of last month, the below mentioned trick is not working on orkut, as Google has fixe the bug. one of the leading social networking site in december 07 added a feature that was supposed to let the user restrict view access to their orkut photo album.

This feature was then extended to the video and scrapbook options. However this security feature of protecting your orkut album can be easily be compromised. A simple javascript when typed on your FireFox browser displays all your photos in your album in a thumbnail sequence. Here is the trick.

This trick works only if you are using Mozilla FireFox browser and Greasemonkey extension/addon installed on your system, and may not work on Internet explorer.

1. Go to users profile whose album is locked
2. Copy and paste the below mentioned javascript code on the address bar and hit enter

3. Wait for few second before the photos are displayed.

Its really as simple as a 1 2 3.. Enjoy, and post in your comments on the trick.

Update: The Orkut team has fixed up the security bug.. the trick is no more valid from Jan 2008


Anonymous said...

boss!! hats off.i liked ur lock breakin trik.. i jus put FireFox for download, i am sure it will work-once done..u hav helped me in a greay way with this trik.. keep me posted of new tricks if u write so,,

thanks buddy.u rock,..

BHUSHAN said...

it doesnt work nymore>

nanu said...


nanu said...

my system dosen't support,pls tell me another browser which support to break the orkut scarp,photo,etc..

janmejay said...

how to break orkut privacy