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Now access internet while flying

Now experience Wi-Fi when you Hi-Fly. JetBlue Airways is all set to reveal its latest service which will kick off on December 11th, offering a broadband Wi-Fi service to its limited number of flights.

The airlines’ goal is to turn their planes into the equivalent of a wireless hot spot once the aircraft reaches its cruising altitude. Internet services will not be available on takeoff and landing. JetBlue has teamed up with Yahoo and Research in Motion (RIM) to offer this Wireless Internet for passengers on JetBlue in-flights. Few more airline companies are also following his path. American Airlines, Virgin America and Alaska Airlines plan to offer a broader Web experience in the coming months. The services will most likely be priced around 10 USD per flight.

Some international carriers had started offering in-flight Internet service through Boeing, but the aircraft maker decided about a year ago to stop its Connexion service after it failed to sign on enough airlines. First announced in April 2000, Connexion suffered a major setback with potential U.S. airlines after the 2001 terrorist attacks caused an industry-wide slump.

The Boeing system connected to the Internet through satellites, while the JetBlue system will be using about 100 ground towers to provide e-mail and instant messaging services.

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