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iPhone Interface Runs Faster using Google Application

Google and the iPhone have been togather from the very start, ever since the iPhone launched with Google Maps as one of its main applications. Now Google has created an integrated iPhone Google application that gathers most of its tools into one site.

Google recently updated their iPhone home screen which allows users to launch things such as Gmail, Reader, and Calendar from convenient tabs right on the touch screen. With this revamping, the apps now run faster.

To access the application, iPhone users can point their Web browser to Google's home page, which detects the Apple handset and Safari browser.

Google officials said in a statement that they used AJAX (asynchronous JavaScript and XML), the same technology they used to put their applications on the desktop, for the new application, which lets users switch between different services.

Google has added links to Google Maps and YouTube right on the main menu of the phone,as well as direct links to Gmail, Calendar, and Reader at the top of the screen.

Google is apparently working on making their applications run faster on other phones as well.

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