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How to group chat via Google talk

We all might have used Google's Gtalk and Yahoo messenger many a times. One of the major things which Google Talk lacks is the functionality to have conference or do Group Chats. However this feature is readely available in Yahoo messagener. Well if you thought that there is no way one could have a group caht on are wrong. Infact this group chat feature is provided by google but only through the Google Talk Gadget.

To start a group chat, launch the Google Talk Gadget here, and start a chat with one of your friends. Click on the button at the top of the chat window that says "Group Chat," and then pick the name of the third (or fourth, or fifth...) friend you want to invite from the drop-down menu. They'll receive an invitation to join the group chat. If your friends are using Gmail chat or the downloadable Google Talk client, their invitation will launch the Google Talk Gadget. Try this out..

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