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GDrive the next big thing from Google

Google is going to be a web based file storage system. Although Google are tight lipped about it, but there is a buzz that Google will soon release an online hard drive that will let folks store all their personal documents up in the network cloud. Your music, photos, videos, and office documents could be uploaded to Google's hard drive and would then be available on any computer with Internet access.

This is probably the year of Google's most important product launches. Even if they're much rarer than last year, they are strategically important (personalization, universal search, machine translation, the mobile platform, social gadgets).

The idea of mapping the online storage as an external drive is not new and you can already do this with tools like Gmail Drive or services like .Mac or But Google really needs an application for uploading more files at once to Google Docs or Gmail, so the GDrive uploader could be useful to add files to a shared area, directly accessible from all Google services. Now it's difficult to upload files because there are so many different Google services that let you upload different kinds of files (documents, photos, videos etc.)

Google already offers free e-mail and other services where users can store data. In a statement, Google said, "Cloud computing is going mainstream. The apps people use every day, such as e-mail, photo sharing, and word processing, are moving to the Web because it's easier to share and access your data from anywhere when it's online, in one place.

"Storage is an important component of making Web apps fit easily into consumers' and business users' lives. That's why we've always offered a lot of free storage, and it's why we offer paid options for buckets of 'overflow'

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