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Google Doc now is a full-blown office suite

Google recently added a much awaited PowerPoint clone to its online app family of Google Doc, hence now Google Doc can be called a full-blown office suite. With Gmail, Docs, Spreadsheet and now Presentations added it seems Google has its sights set on Microsoft in a serious way. With Microsoft Office being the clear leader in office software, Google is looking to save people money by giving them the same products for free.

Google presentations lets users create Presentations inside their web browser, all you need is an free google account. Here are some brief features of Google presentation.

By using Google presentation, users can
1.)Create and keep presentations in one place on the web that’s accessible anytime, from any Internet connected computer.
2.)Manage, update and share presentations with colleagues by sending 3.)Edit together online and in real-time, or contribute at different times to the same presentation on the web.
4.)Present and control slide shows for all viewers over the web, with no special setup required. Chat with viewers in real-time via integrated chat.
5.)Import existing presentations to get started quickly.
6.)Quickly publish presentations to the general public or individuals of their choice.
7.)you can also upload your existing PPT and PPS slideshows into Google PowerPoint.

The guys at have come up with a great video presentation explaining the benefits of using web based document systems like Google Docs, Spreadsheets, and Presentations.

So if you have not tried Google Doc yet, its about time to check it out

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